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Metior Hub is the ultimate compliance management platform created specially to meet the everchanging needs of compliance consultants in the UK’s FCA-regulated financial services sector.

This highly flexible software solution combines the agility and lower cost of an off-the-shelf solution with the customisation of a new build.

With Metior Hub, you can improve your technology offering to clients, automate routine tasks for improved efficiency, and identify compliance risks more effectively. All to help your clients streamline their operations while meeting stringent regulatory compliance requirements.


Make changes to modules to suit your specific business requirements, in a robust, scalable, and no fuss way.


Combine your expertise with our technology to standardise content delivery and compliance management, for each of your client’s needs.


Brand and customise modules to enjoy a tailored user experience.

Choose existing modules or let us build one


Create, manage, and simplify compliance monitoring activities for your clients within a single platform.

Compliance Module

Reduce employee compliance risk for your clients by digitising requests, declarations, attestations and registers.

Library Module

Upload, distribute and manage compliance documents for your clients in a centralised document library structure.

Build New

Have unique requirements? With Metior Hub, it’s easy and affordable to develop new modules to meet your specific needs – and you pay no development fee.

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